My Precious List (Part Four Point One)

Batch 4
Books no.: 26
Name: Peter Paul de Vera
Nickname: Pipo
Partner: Annamae Ronquillo
Horse: Bubu

Books no.: 27
Name: Cedric Johannson Resuena Cristobal
Nickname: CJ, Johann
Partner: Fridah Mae “Frids” Narcisso
Horse: Star Runner & Moon Rsing

Books no.: 28
Name: Danniel Bustamante
Nickname: Daboi
Partner: Arianne Rosales
Horse: Voltron

Books no.: 29
Name: Gianpaolo Aragon
Nickname: Pao
Partner: Dafhny “Dafh” Gamboa

Books no.: 30
Name: Angelo Exel Formosa
Nickname: Angelo
Partner: Nadja Brigaste Villaraza
Horse: Nana

Books no.: 31
Name: Thyago Palacios
Nickname: Thyago
Partner: Liyah Vitaliz
Horse: Cerro Ricos

Books no.: 32
Name: Icen Villazanta
Nickname: Ice
Partner: Kassandra “Kass” Bautista

Books no.: 33
Name: Hayden Anthony Ilano
Nickname: Hayden
Partner: Carmina Gabrielle “Rei” Ongcuangco

Books no.: 34
Name: Rozen Aldegeur
Nickname: Roz
Partner: Ada Dalipe

Books no.: 35
Name: Joziah Gatchalian
Nickname: Joz
Partner: Brescia
Horse: Desert Fire & Red Maiden

Books no.: 36
Name: Cloudio Montañez
Nickname: Cloud
Partner: Pollyana de Vera

to be continued…

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