My Precious List (Part One)

So here’s the much awaited list: (credits to PS)

Batch 1
Books no.: 1
Name: Juan Bernardo IV
Nickname: Jubei
Partner: Temarrie Icasiano
Horse: Shadowrun

Books no.: 2
Name: Eneru Villasis
Nickname: Eneru
Partner: Jhunnica Serrano
Horse: Mirage

Books no.: 3
Name: Gregory Alfred Santayana
Nickname: Gino
Partner: Millicent “Miles” Buencamino
Horse: Comet, Snow white

Books no.: 4
Name: Suichiro Hinata
Nickname: Hiro
Partner: Jemaikha Caliente
Horse: Reika, Raiga, Kanagawa

Books no.: 5
Name: Reigan Baltazar
Nickname: Reigan
Partner: Sierralaine “Sierra” Arcenas
Horse: Bullet

Books no.: 6
Name: Neiji Villaraza
Nickname: Neiji
Partner: Winry Acosta
Horse: Selpih, Beast

Books no.: 7
Name: Yue Anthony Zheng
Nickname: Yuan
Partner: Criselda Celine “Quincy” Tan
Horse: Arrowhead

Books no.: 8
Name: Gabryel Honasan
Nickname: Brye
Partner: Sinderella “Sindy” Arevalo
Horse: Burglar & Maiden

to be continued…

    • renren
    • March 16th, 2011

    Love the info about their horses. Nawindang din ako at mga kasama ko sa bhay sa kakahanap kay Kitty!🙂

    • Oh yeah, Kitty — Kai’s beloved horse, kekeke.😆

    • Poyce
    • November 8th, 2011

    안녕! I’m starting to read the whole series and thought of listing the same thing. Good thing I found your blog🙂 At least hindi na ko mahihirapan pa sa kakabasa tapos sulat ng info nila. Thanks sa pag-compile. Too late man, pero nakilala ko pa rin ang Stallion Boys. Haha.

    I also like SNSD. Yuri and Seohyun at Tiffany naman ako.
    고마워요 :))

    • You also like SNSD. Kyaaa!!! They’re all pretty but I like Tiffany the most, kyaha!😀

  1. GRabe si Reigan talaga ang akin dito! whushooo~ nakakatuwa talaga ang storyang yan! hahah nakakarelate lang kay Sierra :))

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