My Precious List (Part Two)

Batch 2
Books no.: 9
Name: Brandon James Alonzo Crawford
Nickname: Brad
Partner: Chiza dela Crus

Books no.: 10
Name: Rodjan Sta. Maria
Nickname: Rodjan
Partner: Sonja Anastacia Romano
Horse: Vendetta

Books no.: 11
Name: Kaiser Montezor
Nickname: Kai
Partner: Alizia Marie Rivero
Horse: Kitty

Books no.: 12
Name: Yozack Florencio
Nickname: Yozack
Partner: Diosa Samaniego

Books no.: 13
Name: Renzell Zapanta
Nickname: Zell
Partner: Paz Dominique Moreno
Horse: Buck & Tilly

Books no.: 14
Name: Emrei Rafiq
Nickname: Emrei
Partner: Marist Davillo
Horse: Dust

Books no.: 15
Name: Romanov Cuerido
Nickname: Romanov
Partner: Illyze Guzman
Horse: Thunder Emperor

Books no.: 16
Name: Jason Erwin Dean
Nickname: Jed
Partner: Jenna Rose Escudero
Horse: Clover

Books no.: 17
Name: Crawford Oreña
Nickname: Crawford
Partner: Nicola Tesorio

Books no.: 18
Name: Kester Mondragon
Nickname: Kester, Doc Kes
Partner: Yoanna Aguirre

to be continued…

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