The Mannequin With A Heart

In order to regain full status as a real life person, the mannequin must find true love.

Yay! I just finished watching a movie. It’s called Mannequin starring Sex and the City‘s Kim Cattrall and Andrew McCarthy. It’s a feel good movie. I particularly like the storyline especially the ending. It’s a good movie to watch when you want to relax and enjoy your day! Right now I was planning to watch the second installment of this movie. Hope the second installment won’t fail me. Tehee! 😀

So here’s the plot summary of the film.

Jonathan Switcher (McCarthy) is a struggling artist who goes from one dead-end job to another. This all changes when he sees a mannequin (Cattrall) that he had created before. He finds work at the department store displaying her, and befriends a flamboyantly gay co-worker named Hollywood Montrose (Taylor) while still managing a girlfriend, Roxie Shield (Carole Davis). While having to dodge the store’s autocratic vice president (Spader), who is also working with Illustra, and his dimwitted security guard (Bailey), the mannequin comes to life. The mannequin, “Emmy”, was actually once Emahasure, a real-life woman from ancient Egypt. Her beauty, love and imagination inspire Switcher to become the best window dresser in town. Emmy and Jonathan have to fight through a lot, including the fact that she is alive only when just Jonathan can see her, which makes their relationship difficult.

However, when the other competing department store, Illustra, gets fewer and fewer customers because of the popularity of Jonathan’s display windows, everything starts to change. They first try to persuade him, through Roxie, to work there and when that does not work, the vice president and security guard decide that they must steal the mannequin from the store. They end up having to steal all the mannequins since they could not identify Emmy from the others. When Jonathan finds out she is gone, he must fight through security guards and machines to save her. When he finally saves her, they both find out that because of their true love anything is possible, including a real live Emmy and a happy ever after.


P.S. Included in the original soundtrack of this movie is Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now sung by Starship which was nominated in the Oscar. Pretty cool huh. 🙂

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