The Last Airbender

Well I just watched The Last Airbender with my super friends and all I can say is, TWO THUMBS UP YO!!! I really really love the storyline and the effects. It was worth the money and the long wait. 😀 I specially love Prince Zuko’s character. I sympathize with him. I mean he just wanted to go home and be accepted by his father *sigh*. I also love Aang. He’s such a cute boy I wonder where they scouted him. His acting was above average to think that he’s a new face (well at least it was my first time seeing that kid actor). I really enjoyed watching it with my friends although two of them fell asleep at the middle of the movie (and I just don’t get it, haha!). Well bottom point is, the movie was GREAT and I can’t wait to see the sequel… Book 2: Earth hwaitiiing!!!!

I wonder what will happen to Prince Zuko in the sequel?

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