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Okay. One night while I was busy Tumblr blogging,one of my boardmates suggested me to watch a certain video in YouTube. It was about these four gays who are currently watching Ms. Universe. Continue reading


Unubore Deka

Anata o Boku to Kekkonsuru no Kei ni Shosu. (I sentence you to marry me.)

I’m currently watching this Japanese series titled “Unubore Deka” which was recommended to me by my classmate y bestfriend Louise and so far, I’m loving it! After watching Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, I haven’t watched any Japanese series until this one. And I’m so glad I finally woke from my not-so-long JDrama hiatus. I’m now on the series’ Episode 3 and I must say, it is superkaduper hilarious to the max my roommates even thought I’m already out of my mind because I’m laughing like crazy all by myself. Continue reading

Omona BORA!

One of my favorite members of the rookie KPop girl group SISTAR (the other one was Hyo Lyn), Bora, fractured her thumb after falling flat on her face during their live performance of their latest single “Shady Girl” at the Let Start Sharing Concert last August 28. Here is the full story: (All credits to allkpop(dot)com)

Though it has not been long since they have debuted, member of girl group SISTARBora, had to go through the embarrassment of falling on stage.

The group performed their comeback song (which is doing fabulous on the charts), “Shady Girl,” at theLet’s Start Sharing Concert on the 28th.  However, the group had to withstand the pouring rain during the performance, eventually leading Bora to fall flat on her face.  From the fall, Bora injured her finger, causing the performance to stop; however, the group bravely performed again after checking her injury.

A representative from SISTAR’s company, Starship Entertainment stated today, “After the performance, Bora suffered serious pain and had to go to the hospital for treatment. The X-ray results showed that she had fractured her thumb. She will need to be treated for three weeks.”

Let’s all wish Bora a speedy recovery.


Get well soon Bora! I’ll be waiting for you together with other member of SISTAR’s future live performances. You can do it! SISTAR FIGHTING-HWAITING!!!! 😀

Lethargic M.E.

Hola! How have you been catching up with life so far? Me, I’m still the same old sluggish, worthless, tardy me.  I wanna do something about it. But you see, I simply can’t. It’s like laziness already ruled my life… and I effin’ HATE IT!

I feel bad. I wasn’t able to blog yesterday because of certain reasons that are not reasonable (LOL). Anyway I just wanna share something reagrding my no-so-personal life. Continue reading

Before this day ends…

Hay it has been a very worthless day for me. I can’t study because I’m hooked to Tumblr (what else is new?). Anyway before I start dozing off while reading my case presentation tomorrow, I just wanna share with you guys this funny music video by another KPop girl group rookie Chocolate under H Line Entertainment. The song is titled “What To Do”. Here are some of the pictures of the members. 🙂

L-R: Cheryl, Hena, Sui, Meng and Bom

cr: fyeahchocolate@tumblr

Personally, I think the vocals were not that impressive but the song is really catchy. I’d like to hear more from this girl group. Regarding the music video, though I kinda don’t like the leading man (kekeke, peace) I love the MV’s concept and storyline. I particularly love the last part. That short scene is so hilarious I can’t help but to laugh my lungs out. What happened? Find it out yourselves by watching the MV. Have a comfy night everyone! 🙂

P.S.: I really wish I could understand Korean…

SISTAR’s Shady Girl

cr: allkpop

I’m currently under SISTAR’s spell because I’m so hooked on their new single, “Shady Girl”. And to make things worse (or should I say better 🙂 ), Heechul played the lead male of the four girls in their MV! Kyaaaaa (fan girl mode)!!!!! I know right, it’s Heechul plus the catchy song equals TOTAL MAJOR LSS TO THE MAX!!!! Whooo.

So for those who haven’t watched SISTAR’s Shady Girl MV yet, here it is.


P.S.: I’m kinda jealous of the girls, kekeke. They get to cuddle with Heechul-oppa and one of them (I think it’s Hyo-rin) was even back-hugged by Heenim-oppa!!! Kyaaa!!!! (Fan girl mode FTW!)

sab sab haha punta tayo ng japan!

Sige! Sige! Kailan??? Puahahaha!!!!

Ask at your own Risk. ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶