Back to Basic with GP Basic

GP Basic’s GAME Official Music Video

GP Basic’s Debut Performance on Inkigayo singing GAME

I’m starting to love this new girl group GP Basic. For a rookie, their first ever live performance in Inkigayo is such a stand out (hmm… compared to 9Muses, kekeke. PEACE!). I particularly like their maknae Janey who is soooo adorable and indeed the group’s “energy pill” as seen on her very animated moves during their live performance. I’m very impressed on how good they perform despite their very very young age compared to their contemporary KPop groups that also debuted this year. So for the rookie GP Basic’s debut performance… like what Travis Birkenstock said from the movie Clueless, TWO VERY ENTHUSIASTIC THUMBS UP. FINE HOLIDAY FUN!” 😀

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