First SNSD Bias

Im YoonA for Cosmopolitan Magazine, July 2010

Okay before Tiffany became my SNSD bias (and my ULTIMATE Kpop bias), it was Im YoonA whom I had a girl crush on. It all started when I saw her on the Anycall Haptic commercial with Micky Yoochun. She was sooo pretty and indeed a natural beauty. Maybe that’s the reason why I really had a bias on her during those times. But then I realized all my classmates in my batch also had a huge crush on her and I often end up fighting that classmate of mine (by the way that classmate of mine is a guy) because we both LOVE Yoona in every sense of the word. Well of course the “fight” was joke-like because we’re actually good friends but I kinda don’t like the feeling that me having a YoonA bias was not unique anymore because I have a huge competition from our campus having a big crush on YoonA also, fufufu. 😀 So one night while I was browsing through the SSF Forums, I saw a picture of Tiffany which I find really really adorable! That’s when I finally made up my mind and decided to switch on Tiffany as my ULTIMATE KPOP BIAS!!!! Kyahahahahaa!!!! *bow* 🙂

  1. yoona is definitely beautiful!!

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