ANJell Cutie Blinkies!

So recently I was browsing through the thread of You’re Beautiful in Soompi forums and found these superkaduper cute chibis of ANJell members. And they’re blinking for the love of god!!! Shinwoo my love’s is very blinking chibi looks sooo adorable I wanna hug it really really tight, LMAO!!!! Jeremy and Minami’s chibi looks cute also while Taekyung’s chibi somewhat resembles his snobbish-evil-cuteness kyaaaaa!!!! To whoever made these awesome and kawaii creations, you just made my day complete! Kamsahamnida!!! 😀

Jeremy’s Chibi Blinky

Shinwoo’s Adorable Blinky

Taekyung’s Snooty Blinky

Minami’s Charming Blinky

Taekyung and Minami’s Wedding Chibi Blinkies

Altogether now… ANJell CHIBI KAWAII BLINKIES!!!

    • avineda de medina azzahara
    • December 2nd, 2010

    gambarnya bagus bangetttt….

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