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I just wanna share that at last I’m already through uploading the HD version of all (I guess) the music videos of Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK) in YouTube…. HAPPINESS! 😀 Now I’m thinking what should I upload next. I was thinking of uploading DBSK’s Banjun Drama but I’m afraid YouTube might delete my effin account and all my time and effort would put to waste. Mind you my poor laptop spent sleepless nights uploading those videos, kekeke. But still I’m not yet closing my doors for possibilities. Maybe I might upload those goodies out of boredom one of these days (without thinking twice). Well I kinda have this disease that whenever I’m bored I kinda do things recklessly and most of the time I end up regretting the consequences of my actions and asking myself “what ifs”.

Anyway, I’m happy that there are already a total of 50 videos in my channel and those videos are full of super handsome creatures which is none other than the Rising Gods of the East… Dong Bang Shin Ki!!! Before, my channel was like a filthy swamp but now it was revived thanks to the music videos of DBSK which I got from a fellow YouTuber Rue|NY (of course I credited this awesome guy). I was actually looking for his channel but I just can’t find it anymore. I was even planning of saving those videos on my playlist but since I can’t find his videos anymore I just uploaded the goodies I got from his channel a year ago in my own channel with proper credits of course.

The members of DBSK are in fact my first KPop love (especially Jaejoong/Hero). They were the reason why I started to like KPop and eventually got addicted to it (and I’m proud to say I don’t have any regrets 🙂 ). However right now you wouldn’t actually see them in the KPop mainstream because three of the members (Hero, Micky and Xiah) have legal issues with their agency (SM Entertainment). *Sigh* I kinda feel bad everytime this issue is being brought up. Maybe it’s because I still have strong faith with the group, that time will come and again the members would be reunited with each other. Just like what the popular Cassiopeia slogan says “Always Keep the Faith”. That’s why eventhough my friends would always tell me that DBSK have already been implicitly disbanded, I wouldn’t believe them. Because deep inside I’m still hoping that they would have their comeback anytime soon. I just have to be patient and wait for that significant event. Awww, just the thought of DBSK disbanding already makes me teary-eyed. As much as possible I don’t  wanna entertain those kind of thoughts. So DBSK please come back as soon as possible… I truly, madly, and deeply miss you guys!!! KPop is just not the same without DBSK so please please before this year come to an end make your official comeback! HWAIITING!!!! 😥

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