Watching to my Heart’s Content

After watching the gender-bender Korean drama You’re Beautiful / He’s Handsome, I knew I’m in love. I fell in love with the drama’s storyline, the humor, and most especially… the characters. That’s why after watching it for the first time, I would re-watch it all over again whenever I have the time. So when I heard that this drama would be out in DVD including the deleted scenes, behind the scenes and other goodies from the drama, I immediately had the urge to pre-order one but then I have to save some money because I have to go to the SS3 (Super Show 3) this coming February and my goal is VIP!!! Then I found out the ticket reservation for SS3 would be from October to December only (aaarrgghhh! talkin’ about pressure). And so to make the long story short, I wasn’t able to pre-order the DVD of this drama (yep I chose SS3 over You’re Beautiful, hope it’s all worth it) and now I was left with no choice but to scavenge through the world wide web for goodhearted souls who are kind enough to upload their own copy of You’re Beautiful extras because I really really wanna watch the deleted scenes and the behind the scenes of this drama.

Fortunately I found a channel in YouTube where I could watch all the deleted scenes, behind the scenes, commentaries, live performances, and official music videos from the drama You’re Beautiful (HALLELUJAH!!!!). 😀 So you could imagine how ecstatic I am upon watching all the extra goodies from that drama. *Sigh* It so… heavenly. Kyahahaha! But seriously, right now I’m kinda regretting not being able to pre-order my own copy of YB DVD. Now, I’m just superkaduper thankful to this uploader who made my YB dream possible. 🙂 So if you guys would also want to experience a special treat from the “beautiful/handsome boys” of the k-drama You’re Beautiful, just go to through these links –> or … and watch to your heart’s content. (word! LMAO)

I just hope and pray YouTube haven’t deleted the videos yet. That’s actually the reason why the uploader made another account because YouTube is deleting her/his videos… bummer! 😦

So I guess that would be all for today. Gotta pack my things for I would be going back to my hometown because I don’t have Saturday classes that would mean a very long weekend ahead (FYI: I don’t have Monday classes and my Tuesday class starts at 4 PM). Yahoo!!! 😀

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P.S.: Only the drama’s deleted scenes were subbed in English. The rest (BTS, MVs, and others) were in Korean. Unfortunately I can’t read Hangul nor understand Korean language (all I know is Annyeong, Babo, and Yeppeo) so you could imagine me having a major nosebleed while watching those scenes. But what the heck! Seeing Taekyung, Shinwoo, Jeremy, and Minami was more than enough compensation for the lost precious blood of mine. Kyahaha! 😀

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