Before this day ends…

Hay it has been a very worthless day for me. I can’t study because I’m hooked to Tumblr (what else is new?). Anyway before I start dozing off while reading my case presentation tomorrow, I just wanna share with you guys this funny music video by another KPop girl group rookie Chocolate under H Line Entertainment. The song is titled “What To Do”. Here are some of the pictures of the members. 🙂

L-R: Cheryl, Hena, Sui, Meng and Bom

cr: fyeahchocolate@tumblr

Personally, I think the vocals were not that impressive but the song is really catchy. I’d like to hear more from this girl group. Regarding the music video, though I kinda don’t like the leading man (kekeke, peace) I love the MV’s concept and storyline. I particularly love the last part. That short scene is so hilarious I can’t help but to laugh my lungs out. What happened? Find it out yourselves by watching the MV. Have a comfy night everyone! 🙂

P.S.: I really wish I could understand Korean…

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