Lethargic M.E.

Hola! How have you been catching up with life so far? Me, I’m still the same old sluggish, worthless, tardy me.  I wanna do something about it. But you see, I simply can’t. It’s like laziness already ruled my life… and I effin’ HATE IT!

I feel bad. I wasn’t able to blog yesterday because of certain reasons that are not reasonable (LOL). Anyway I just wanna share something reagrding my no-so-personal life. Well you know my Mom asked me to run some errands for her. It has already been 4 weeks since she asked me that favor and until now, I wasn’t able to fulfill it. I felt really bad about it because I kept on promising her that I would accomplish that as soon as I have a free.

These past few weeks I had sooo many vacant time. However I wasn’t able to do it just because of the very lame excuse that “I just don’t feel like doing it”, period. I feel so depressed. I feel very worthless. I tried to stop slacking off but I just simply can’t… especially whenever I’m Tumblr-blogging. When I’m in Tumblr, I don’t seem to notice the time… I just enjoy. That’s why now that the deadline for my papers and other school requirements (plus the quizzes and exams) is near, I’m worried on how will I get to do good in my acads and pass all the requirements on time, and at the same time be able to grant my Mom’s favour. *sigh*

I had so much time. In fact, it had been more than what I needed or ever asked for. But I wasted it. Now, I’m TOAST… BIG TIME. 😦

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