Unubore Deka

Anata o Boku to Kekkonsuru no Kei ni Shosu. (I sentence you to marry me.)

I’m currently watching this Japanese series titled “Unubore Deka” which was recommended to me by my classmate y bestfriend Louise and so far, I’m loving it! After watching Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, I haven’t watched any Japanese series until this one. And I’m so glad I finally woke from my not-so-long JDrama hiatus. I’m now on the series’ Episode 3 and I must say, it is superkaduper hilarious to the max my roommates even thought I’m already out of my mind because I’m laughing like crazy all by myself.

Anyway, for those comedy-suspense-action series lover out there, you should definitely watch this series. Aside from the incredibly funny casts (special credits to the main character Unubore played by Nagase Tomoya for giving me a hearty laugh 🙂 ), additional treats would be the beautiful Japanese actresses of different generations (LOL) that makes a cameo appearance in every episode and of course, one of my favorite Japanese actors Ikuta Toma and idol singer Mika Nakashima as part of the main cast. Kyaaa!!! So far I’ve already seen Kato Ai (Episode 1), Aoi Yu (Episode 2) and Higuchi Kanako (Episode 3). I’m looking forward on seeing the other girls that would break Unubore’s heart, kekeke!

Here is the teaser of the comedy series:

A 30-year-old single detective (Nagase Tomoya), who is under the illusion that he is popular with females is called ‘Unubore’ by friends. He is an ultra romantic and susceptible to conceitedness. He has such a strong desire to marry to the extent that he has bought an apartment for his newlywed life. He falls in love with female criminals at first sight each time. While the sheer desire to meet wraps around him, he will get proof that the female is the culprit. And so, he will thrust both the arrest warrant and marriage papers at her, proposing with the words, “If you marry me, I won’t arrest you.” If that still does not work, he will hold out an engagement ring and his handcuffs. In the end, the criminal will choose to be arrested and his heart will be broken. He will cry as he puts the handcuffs on her…

source: d-addicts.com

If you guys wanna download the series in English hardsub, you may want to go to this site, http://bit.ly/aizyD2. But you must first be a member before you’d be able to access the links to download the series. Don’t worry membership is free. So watch to your heart’s content and… ENJOY! 😀

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