Tumblr Craze

Okay first of all I wanna apologize for not answering your queries right away because you see, I’m kinda busy Tumblring (word!). Kekeke!!! So I’m so so sorry. Anyway Tumblr is really superkaduper fun fun fun especially for KPop addicts like (ehem) yours truly. But I’ll try my best to answer your questions/comments. Just don’t expect that I’ll be answering ’em immediately because for now, among my three blogs, Tumblr is my priority. I know right, I’m goin’ gaga over Tumblr and I just can’t help it! So this is all for now. Gotta get back to my Tumblr because I have so many adorable things to reblog. 😀

By the way, this is how my Tumblr dashboard looks like:

(for some reason I had to censor my followers, LOL!)

And this is my Tumblog (Tumblr blog):

Haha! If you guys want to visit my Tumblog, you can check it out here –> http://theuntouchableme.tumblr.com.  So I guess I just  see ‘ya when I see ‘ya!!! Gotta go sago! 😀

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