The Geun’s Character Stills for MSOAN

I found some cute pictures of Jang Geun Suk and his new leading lady, Moon Geun Young, in the upcoming Korean drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night” and I must say they’re really really perfect. Like what I said in my previous post regarding this drama, I already adored Geun Young ever since I watched her in “Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart”. Actually, I even posted a picture of her in my Tumblr and my classmates even gave their compliments saying that she’s very pretty therefore they would really watch out for this drama. To think that those colleagues of mine were a hardcore Japanese anime/manga/drama addicts. Hearing them say such thing is really new to me. Hahaha! 🙂 Anyway these are the character stills of Geun Young as Mary.

On the other hand, these are the stills of handsome Geun Suk for the drama MSOAN. Kyaaa!!!! I simply can’t wait to watch this drama!!!! 😉

*Sigh* I love both of them. I’m sooooo looking forward to watch this drama. I hope they would develop a strong chemistry and I also expect MSOAN to do good in ratings. Yay!

  1. nice jang geun suk and moon geun young really cute..!!! i’ve heard this movie was so cute!

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