Ouran High School Host Club

I had a very very lame Valentines Day. Paano wala naman akong ka-Valentines so it turned out, I just slept all day, hahaha. Oh well papel, let’s proceed to the main reason why this post was made in the first place. 🙂

I just feel like posting my most favorite anime of all time. Ilang beses kong hinintay yung Part 2 nito dahil sobrang bitin yung anime pero hanggang ngayon, wala pa rin. Hay… sana gawan na lang nila ng live action para mas masaya, hehe.

Here are some of my favorite scenes from that anime.

My most favorite scene. So sad. And I even thought they would kiss here, keke. 🙂

I’m a hardcore Tamaki-Haruhi shipper so I really really wanna see the full version of this anime. I love the manga so it’d be better if they stick to the story as it was written in the manga if ever they’re still willing to do a sequel of this anime. Okay I think they better do a sequel of this anime… or else. Hahahaha! Nothing. As if may magagawa naman ako. But until now I’m still not losing hope that Bisco Hatori (the creator of this anime/manga) would wake up to her senses and start making Ouran High School Host Club Part 2, haha. I better get back to my homework now while there’s still a single ounce of motivation left in my body. Toodles! 😐

    • hazelanne
    • February 15th, 2011

    yay! i also love this anime… 🙂 as in chuper love… 🙂 nga pala, ask ko lang… ano ung title ng song na nagpplay?

    • Yay! Parehas tayo. Love na love ko rin yang anime na yan. By the way, the title of the song is “We Belong Together” by Big Bang. 😀

        • hazelanne
        • February 16th, 2011

        orayt!!! thanks much… ang cute cute kasi ng mga songs na napipili mo eh.. hehe.. 🙂 btw, have you tried watching yumeiro patessiere? cute din un.. also, yamato nadeshiko and special a… super cuteee… la lang… share lang… hehehehe… :p

  1. wehhh… really love this anime.. wahahaha.. so cute… tinatapos ko pa ang manga nito.. wahehehe… sana may season 2 pah… gawa tayo ng petition… yeah dude…

    • Naku 2006 pa lang ay sandamukal na ang petition ng mga Ouran addicts na gaya ko for Season 2. Kaso nga lang, may katamaran talaga si Bisco Hatori – yung creator ng manga at anime. So as of now, nasa mga kamay niya ang desisyon kung dudugtungan pa niya ang Ouran anime. Pero yung sa manga natapos na niya. 😀

  2. hello guys!!!!
    try nyo din ung millenium snow, kaya lang manga pa lang wala pang anime.
    maganda rin ang manga na yun!!!!!1
    addict ako sa mga anime
    pag nakita nyo kwarto ko GRABE puno ng anime!!!!!11
    wala lang naishare ko lang

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