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Nozomi Sasaki’s Tenshi no Koi Photobook

Because I’m fascinated with WordPress’ slideshow, I decided to make one with Nozomi Sasaki’s Tenshi no Koi Photobook. I really envy this Japanese girl. I mean look at the face and the body. She got a face of an angel and a body to die for, *sigh*. I would consider her one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen in my entire life. As in, no joke. In addition, she’s a good actress. I’ve watched her movie Tenshi no Koi and I think she performed her role quite well. Her acting skills were very effective and convincing so I think you should also check out the movie. What more can I say. I guess you should just have to see for yourself Nozomi’s supah lovely pictures taken on and off-screen from her movie Tenshi no Koi. 🙂

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Pretty Faces Part Three

I just wanna share these pics. Nakita ko itong pictures n’ya habang nagba-browse ako ng pwede kong gawin na kandidata as leading lady ng isa sa mga Stallion hunks. I think she’s very pretty kahit saang anggulo tingnan. See for yourself and ENJOY. 😀

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PS: All I know is that her name is Lyn. I do not know her surname, GOMENASAI! 🙂 *currently eating noodles*

Pretty Faces Part Two

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.  – John Keats

Before going to sleep I just wanna post the pictures of two of the most beautiful ladies in the face of Philippine fashion and advertisement. I like the way they look and how they carry themselves whether on-cam or off-cam. So, here they are.

Georgina Wilson

Isabelle Daza

Oh by the way, they are cousins in real life. In addition, Isabelle is actually the daughter of Ms. Gloria Diaz, the first Filipina to bring home the Miss Universe crown. LOVELY! Aren’t they from a family of lookers? They were the perfect example of eye candies not to mention their beauties are natural unlike some other actresses in showbiz who underwent bleaching and surgery just to look their best. In toto, I supah love ’em both. 🙂

Pretty Faces Part One

I’m just surfing the net when I accidentally stumbled on some pics of this pretty girl. Sa tingin ko isa siya sa mga pinaka-photogenic na girls na nakita ko in my entire existence in this universe. O diba, bongga! Anyway her name is Nozomi Sasaki and here are some of her pics.

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Very pretty indeed huh. Siguro nung nagsabog ng biyaya ang Diyos nung past life nya, gising na gising siya. Aba’y sinalo nya yata lahat e. Anyway I’m gonna sleep now ‘coz there’s still a lot of unfinished businesses I have to take care of tomorrow…or rather, within this day. Gosh it’s already 3 in the morning!!! CIAO!!!