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MGIG Episode 6: I’m very beautiful.

Mi Ho: I’m very beautiful!

Dong Ju: That… I agree. 🙂


MGIG Episode 6: What is he doing?

Dong Ju: Let’s hang out next time. I will prepare lots of meat.

Dae Woong: Meat?

Mi Ho: Mr. Dong Ju, the meat you gave me to eat today was really delicious. Was it expensive?

Dong Ju: Of course it’s expensive. Very.

Mi Ho: Then Dae Woong definitely won’t buy it for me to eat.

Dae Woong: That girl…

*Dong Ju touches Mi Ho’s forehead*

Dae Woong: What is he doing?

Uh-oh. Jealousy is in the air. 😉

MGIG Episode 6: He’s not that good looking.

Mi Ho: Mr. Dong Ju, this is the place where I live.

Dong Ju: Oh…

Dae Woong: *eavesdropping* That’s Mr. Dong Ju?… He’s not that good looking.

Puahahaha!!!! That’s the spirit Dae Woong! 😀

My Rosy Love, No Min Woo

I fell in love with this man big time. He was part of the main casts in the recently concluded drama “My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox”. I wish I could see him again in another drama and I hope next time, he gets to be the lead male character so that he would get the heart of the girl he loves. Yay! I’ll definitely would watch out for that. No Min Woo all the way! 🙂

MGIG Episode 5: It’s been a long time since I’ve waited for someone to comeback.

Dong Ju: It’s cold. Do I have to heat it up when she comes back?

It’s been a long time since I’ve waited for someone to come back…

Mi Ho: *arrives* Dae Woong came back. Dae Woong came back to me!

Dong Ju: *hurt* 😦

MGIG Episode 5: They’re mating. ;)

Mi Ho: I know that.

Dong Ju:

Mi Ho: They’re mating. 😉

Dong Ju: *cough* *switch channel*