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LSS (Part Two)

Haha! So this is the second installment of my LSS experience thanks to KPop, kyahaha! Actually this post has been long overdue but I’ll post it anyway… tehee. So my second LSS is Shady Girl by the rookie girl group SiSTAR. I haven’t been this addicted to a song to the point that it kept on repeating in my head over and over and over again. Everytime I hear this song, my mood lightens up. I don’t know. I think this song kinda intoxicated me, haha. It has a wonderful effect in me that is even indescribable.

Actually, I wasn’t even planning to hear this song but then I read that Super Junior’s Heechul would be doing a cameo in a the MV of SiSTAR’s “Shady Girl”. Since I’m a big fan of charming Heechul, I said to myself I might as well watch the MV to see Heenim. And when the song started to play I was like, “Gosh the has a good beat.” Then I found myself re-watching the MV over and over again. So from there, I developed a somewhat incurable last song syndrome on that song. And until now, after one month had already passed, I can say that I still am very much addicted to that song. I think it would take me quite some time to finally get over it (or not!). Hahaha! 😀

This song definitely made SiSTAR one of my favorite KPop girl groups today. Cheers! In addition, when I watched their performances in Music Bank, Inkigayo and Music Core I was really amazed to see how great they perform the song live on stage. They don’t move and sound like an amateur to me considering that they are only a rookie girl group. They perform like a pro. I want to see more of their live performances in the near future because they’re simply great especially my personal favorite, Hyo Lyn.

So I made a screencap of the MV because other than the song, I was also very fascinated with the music video simply because I love bright colors (and Heechul oppa was there! Hohoho!). 🙂

(credit me if you plan to rip & repost this)

I must say I really really envy the girls here… especially Hyo Lyn. 🙂

SISTAR’s Shady Girl

cr: allkpop

I’m currently under SISTAR’s spell because I’m so hooked on their new single, “Shady Girl”. And to make things worse (or should I say better 🙂 ), Heechul played the lead male of the four girls in their MV! Kyaaaaa (fan girl mode)!!!!! I know right, it’s Heechul plus the catchy song equals TOTAL MAJOR LSS TO THE MAX!!!! Whooo.

So for those who haven’t watched SISTAR’s Shady Girl MV yet, here it is.


P.S.: I’m kinda jealous of the girls, kekeke. They get to cuddle with Heechul-oppa and one of them (I think it’s Hyo-rin) was even back-hugged by Heenim-oppa!!! Kyaaa!!!! (Fan girl mode FTW!)

I love H. talaga!!!!!haha cool nung vid

Ang cool no? LSS ako ngayon sa song na yan eh… naalala ko kasi si Heechul pag hina-hum ko sya. hahaah!

Ask at your own Risk. ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶

Just for the Heck of It

Guys kung mapapansin n’yo meron na akong mala-shoutbox na ka-chorvahan dito sa WordPress blog ko. Okay naman s’ya, actually ngayon ko nga rin lang s’ya na-discover eh thanks to Meebo. Ang problema, tila hindi naman yata gumagana ang lecheng yan! So for the heck of it, hahayaan ko na lamang s’yang manahimik sa isang sulok ng blog na ito. Maaari n’yo rin s’yang gamitin baka sakaling magkaroon ng himala at gumana yan (sana lang ay mabasa ko kung anumang iiwan ninyong mensahe). Hay… tingnan mo nga naman ‘tong WordPress, minsan na nga lang magkaka-gadget palpak pa! 😦

On the brighter side of life, may music video na pala ang No Other ng Super Junior. Happiness!!! Kaya naman kahit pissed off ako sa Meebo, keri lang. Nandiyan naman ang SuJu to clear off the effin’ bad vibes. 😀

P.S.: Kung mapapansin n’yo wala sina Kyuhyun at Siwon sa dance scenes. Mukhang alam ko na ang dahilan pero syempre ayokong mag-assume. Iniisip ko lang na si Siwon siguro ay busy sa taping ng “Oh! My Lady” kung saan isa s’ya sa mga main chracters. Si Kyuhyun naman, tingin ko ay maysakit pa rin o kaya hindi pa fully recovered mula sa pagkakasakit nung mga panahon na kinukunan yung dance scenes. Pero ano pa man ang dahilan, ang importante kahit papaano napagsama-sama sila sa isang MV kahit hindi na sila complete 13 (I miss Hankyung, Kangin and Kibum). 😦