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The Geun’s Character Stills for MSOAN

I found some cute pictures of Jang Geun Suk and his new leading lady, Moon Geun Young, in the upcoming Korean drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night” and I must say they’re really really perfect. Like what I said in my previous post regarding this drama, I already adored Geun Young ever since I watched her in “Endless Love: Autumn in My Heart”. Actually, I even posted a picture of her in my Tumblr and my classmates even gave their compliments saying that she’s very pretty therefore they would really watch out for this drama. To think that those colleagues of mine were a hardcore Japanese anime/manga/drama addicts. Hearing them say such thing is really new to me. Hahaha! 🙂 Anyway these are the character stills of Geun Young as Mary.

On the other hand, these are the stills of handsome Geun Suk for the drama MSOAN. Kyaaa!!!! I simply can’t wait to watch this drama!!!! 😉

*Sigh* I love both of them. I’m sooooo looking forward to watch this drama. I hope they would develop a strong chemistry and I also expect MSOAN to do good in ratings. Yay!


Lazy Pig

So I haven’t been writing for quite a long period of time ’til now because like what I’e said on my previous decent blog post, I’m busy on Tumblr. And then I realized that Tumblring (word!) wasn’t fun anymore… just kidding! Hahaha! I just decided to take a break from Tumblr and post something sensible in this blog because I noticed it was already teeming with spider webs and dust here. 🙂

Anyway I created this post to let you know that I’ll be posting here the screencaps of my most loved Korean dramas that I personally to reminisce those unforgettable scenes and made and laugh, giddy, cry, etc. These screencaps were already posted in my Tumblr but I’m afraid that if I redirect you to my Tumblog, you won’t be able to find it because my blog is full of random stuffs that it would be quite difficult to find it. Hence, I’m posting it here. Hohoho!

Some of the dramas that I plan to post were My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, You’re Beautiful/He’s Beautiful, Personal Taste, and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. So yeah, that’s it. Expect to see K-Drama screencap posts here more often than posts about my boring life, pocketbook, or what’s hot about KPop. But of course I’ll also be posting non-K-Drama-related stuffs when I feel like posting some. But brace yourselves for more recaps and what nots. Enjoy! 😀

For Rippers and Reposters: A Special Reminder.

Well in Tumblr, I frequently see my works being ripped and reposted by some random users without giving proper credits. I think they really have thick face for doing so. So what I did was I messaged them and asked them if they could give me the proper credit because I was the one who exerted effort to make those screencaps. Unfortunately, some were too chicken to admit their mistakes and just ignored my message. Of course I do mind if people rip something from my site and repost it taking all the credits when what they only did was to right-click and save the picture from its original source. I mean they could’ve just reblog it for Pete’s sake would it take so much of their darn time? Don’t they know how to reblog? I don’t mind giving they some special lesson on reblogging (bleh!). Sometimes I wonder when will Tumblr start to have a “right-click” protect feature. That would definitely be a dream come true!

Anyway what I was trying to say here is that I don’t mind people ripping my works as long as they GIVE ME THE PROPER CREDITS. I mean, that’s all I ask of. A little recognition of my efforts. So please do bide by my simple rules. If you don’t want to, you are free to leave my site.

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox

I woke up very late today because I watched 3 episodes of this drama last night up to 3 in the morning, haha. What can I do? The storyline is super hilarious and awesome my attention is simply drawn into the drama making me completely oblivious of the time. Continue reading

Watching to my Heart’s Content

After watching the gender-bender Korean drama You’re Beautiful / He’s Handsome, I knew I’m in love. I fell in love with the drama’s storyline, the humor, and most especially… the characters. That’s why after watching it for the first time, I would re-watch it all over again whenever I have the time. Continue reading