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MGIG Episode 6: I’m very beautiful.

Mi Ho: I’m very beautiful!

Dong Ju: That… I agree. 🙂


MGIG Episode 6: What is he doing?

Dong Ju: Let’s hang out next time. I will prepare lots of meat.

Dae Woong: Meat?

Mi Ho: Mr. Dong Ju, the meat you gave me to eat today was really delicious. Was it expensive?

Dong Ju: Of course it’s expensive. Very.

Mi Ho: Then Dae Woong definitely won’t buy it for me to eat.

Dae Woong: That girl…

*Dong Ju touches Mi Ho’s forehead*

Dae Woong: What is he doing?

Uh-oh. Jealousy is in the air. 😉

MGIG Episode 6: He’s not that good looking.

Mi Ho: Mr. Dong Ju, this is the place where I live.

Dong Ju: Oh…

Dae Woong: *eavesdropping* That’s Mr. Dong Ju?… He’s not that good looking.

Puahahaha!!!! That’s the spirit Dae Woong! 😀

MGIG Episode 6: Because I like you.

Mi Ho: Dae Woong! Your true wish, I’m helping you fulfill it. All of your wishes, I’ll help you fulfill all of them… Because I like you.

MGIG Episode 5: It’s been a long time since I’ve waited for someone to comeback.

Dong Ju: It’s cold. Do I have to heat it up when she comes back?

It’s been a long time since I’ve waited for someone to come back…

Mi Ho: *arrives* Dae Woong came back. Dae Woong came back to me!

Dong Ju: *hurt* 😦

MGIG Episode 1: Dae Woong-a!

Mi Ho: Dae Woong-a!

MGIG Episode 5: They’re mating. ;)

Mi Ho: I know that.

Dong Ju:

Mi Ho: They’re mating. 😉

Dong Ju: *cough* *switch channel*