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YAB Episode 7: For you not to be caught, let me cover for you.

Go Minam: Please don’t look at me. I can’t let anyone see this. It’s really hard to hold everything inside….It feels I’m gonna be caught.

Shinwoo: For you not to be caught… let me cover for you.


YAB Episode 7: Congratulations on having a lover!

All: Congratulations on having a lover!

Auntie: This party was prepared for our leader.

Go Minam: Congratulations!

Auntie and Jeremy: Congratulations!

Shinwoo: Congratulations!

Taekyung: *pissed off*

YAB Episode 7: Even the person you were waiting isn’t me, it’s okay!

Shinwoo: You thought I was Taekyung?

Go Minam: Shin Woo hyung…

Shinwoo: Even the person you were waiting isn’t me, it’s okay!

You can see in Shinwoo’s face that it’s not really okay. Awww…. poor Shinwoo. 😦

YAB Episode 7: I will be happy for him.

Go Minam to Shinwoo: I will be happy for him (Taekyung).

I love seeing Minami with Shinwoo. But I also like her for Taekyung. Argh! Hmmn… otoke?