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DBSK YouTube Galore

I just wanna share that at last I’m already through uploading the HD version of all (I guess) the music videos of Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK) in YouTube…. HAPPINESS! 😀 Now I’m thinking what should I upload next. I was thinking of uploading DBSK’s Banjun Drama but I’m afraid YouTube might delete my effin account and all my time and effort would put to waste. Mind you my poor laptop spent sleepless nights uploading those videos, kekeke. Continue reading


Reviving My YouTube Channel

So I’m currently on the process of reviving my stagnant YouTube channel. Well “reviving” is not actually the perfect term but more of like “making it useful for the first time”. 😀 I’m currently uploading HD music videos of my all-time favorite KPop boy group, Dong Bang Shin Ki / Tohoshinki. I was kinda hoping YouTube won’t delete my videos because of issues like copyright infringement after all I indicated in the description of my videos that I do not own those videos and gave all the credits to SM Entertainment.

Continue reading

Electronic Matic Supersonic Bionic Energy

Electronic Matic Supersonic Bionic ENERGY! 😀

“Hurri-hurri-hurricane VENUS!” Gosh I love this song. It kept on playing in my head… major LSS. BoA-unnie FTW!!!

all credits to: SM Entertainment |

My Ultimate KPop Bias

I just feel like photo spamming… so to make my spamming super sensible, I’ll be posting images of my ultimate KPop bias who is none other than… *drumroll* TIFFANY HWANG of So Nyuh Shi Dae!!! (Imma sucker for cute eye smiles…kekeke)

Isn’t she the cutest thing… *sigh*

credits to: for the lovely photo collage of Fany!!! Kamsahamnida. 😀

P.S.: Tiffany just celebrated her 21st birthday last August 1, 2010 and SNSD just had their 3rd Anniversary celebrated last August 3, 2010. So BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY FANY FANY TIFFANY and BELATED HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY TO GIRLS GENERATION!!! 🙂