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YAB Episode 7: For you not to be caught, let me cover for you.

Go Minam: Please don’t look at me. I can’t let anyone see this. It’s really hard to hold everything inside….It feels I’m gonna be caught.

Shinwoo: For you not to be caught… let me cover for you.


YAB Episode 7: Congratulations on having a lover!

All: Congratulations on having a lover!

Auntie: This party was prepared for our leader.

Go Minam: Congratulations!

Auntie and Jeremy: Congratulations!

Shinwoo: Congratulations!

Taekyung: *pissed off*

YAB Episode 7: Even the person you were waiting isn’t me, it’s okay!

Shinwoo: You thought I was Taekyung?

Go Minam: Shin Woo hyung…

Shinwoo: Even the person you were waiting isn’t me, it’s okay!

You can see in Shinwoo’s face that it’s not really okay. Awww…. poor Shinwoo. 😦

YAB Episode 7: I will be happy for him.

Go Minam to Shinwoo: I will be happy for him (Taekyung).

I love seeing Minami with Shinwoo. But I also like her for Taekyung. Argh! Hmmn… otoke?

My Handsome Rose, No Min-woo

No Min-woo as Park Dong Joo

Okay I’m currently into this guy named No Min-woo. He’s the guy who plays the role of Park Dong Joo in the currently airing drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho / My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (MGIG). Actually he’s one of the major reasons why I’m so in love with MGIG. You know I really have a thing for guys playing as “the-third-party” in every Korean dramas (and I don’t really know why). Just like in the case of Seo Jung Woo (Lee Jun Ki) of My Girl and Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa) of You’re Beautiful, I’m really really in love MGIG’s Park Dong Joo (need I have to repeat myself? kekeke!)!!! Continue reading

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox

I woke up very late today because I watched 3 episodes of this drama last night up to 3 in the morning, haha. What can I do? The storyline is super hilarious and awesome my attention is simply drawn into the drama making me completely oblivious of the time. Continue reading