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The Sonia Francesca Collection


Hello lovelies! While going through my news feeds this afternoon, I accidentally bumped on this superkaduper interesting post. It seems like magkakaroon na ng bonggang-bonggang reprint ang mga collector’s item novel ni Inang Reyna (Ms. Sonia Francesca) under PHR!!! This calls for an extravagant celebration.Yipeeee!!!! At last iga-grant na rin ng PHR ang matagal na nating kahilingan. Here is the link to the video teaser of the upcoming The Sonia Francesca Collection under PHR. Enjoy!

The Sonia Francesca Collection… SOON.

Ang tanong, kailan? Kailan kaya ang release ng mga upcoming novels and reprints ni Ms. Sonia Francesca? Well I just hope that it would be sooner habang may budget pa ako. Hehehe! At least may assurance na at ito ang evidence. Kudos, Precious Hearts Romances. This goes to show that PHR is doing everything in their might to grant the requests of their beloved readers. 😉


Mom Sure Knows Best :)

Hehe… this picture is just perfect for my story. 🙂

Last Sunday night, while I was in the kitchen with my Mom…

Me: Mommy, bakit po ganon? Parang nahihirapan po akong makapag-concentrate sa pag-aaral.


Me: Hala hindi po! Masyado lang po kasi akong naa-addict sa internet.

Mommy: Prayers lang ang katapat niyan anak. Just pray.

Me: (naku Mommy kung alam mo lang. Tama ka, wahaha!) 😀

Ibang klase talaga ang radar ng mga mapagkalingang ina. Hahaha! Ma, you’re the best! Muntik mo na akong mabuking… woooo!! Buti na lang isa akong professional denial queen, hehe. This is why I love having conversations with my Mom. 🙂


So I just finished watching the 1995 movie Casper for the nth time and I must say that up to now, I still can’t get enough of that movie. Definitely one of the best movies I’ve watched because it reminds me of my childhood days. 🙂 So I decided to share to you guys some of the screencaps I’ve made from the movie.

Kat… If I were alive, would you go to the Halloween dance with me?

Kat… Can I keep you?

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2NE1’s To Anyone

I just downloaded 2NE1’s first album titled To Anyone and all I can say is, TWO THUMBS UP! Again 2NE1 proved to the world their music prowess. What I really love about 2NE1 is that they are not afraid to experiment with different music genres. Personally, I love all the songs especially It Hurts/Painful’s jazzy beat/style. Continue reading

My Handsome Rose, No Min-woo

No Min-woo as Park Dong Joo

Okay I’m currently into this guy named No Min-woo. He’s the guy who plays the role of Park Dong Joo in the currently airing drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho / My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox (MGIG). Actually he’s one of the major reasons why I’m so in love with MGIG. You know I really have a thing for guys playing as “the-third-party” in every Korean dramas (and I don’t really know why). Just like in the case of Seo Jung Woo (Lee Jun Ki) of My Girl and Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa) of You’re Beautiful, I’m really really in love MGIG’s Park Dong Joo (need I have to repeat myself? kekeke!)!!! Continue reading

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox

I woke up very late today because I watched 3 episodes of this drama last night up to 3 in the morning, haha. What can I do? The storyline is super hilarious and awesome my attention is simply drawn into the drama making me completely oblivious of the time. Continue reading

SISTAR’s Shady Girl

cr: allkpop

I’m currently under SISTAR’s spell because I’m so hooked on their new single, “Shady Girl”. And to make things worse (or should I say better 🙂 ), Heechul played the lead male of the four girls in their MV! Kyaaaaa (fan girl mode)!!!!! I know right, it’s Heechul plus the catchy song equals TOTAL MAJOR LSS TO THE MAX!!!! Whooo.

So for those who haven’t watched SISTAR’s Shady Girl MV yet, here it is.


P.S.: I’m kinda jealous of the girls, kekeke. They get to cuddle with Heechul-oppa and one of them (I think it’s Hyo-rin) was even back-hugged by Heenim-oppa!!! Kyaaa!!!! (Fan girl mode FTW!)